Foundation Inspection

A professional foundation inspection is the first step toward complete, long-term residential foundation repair solutions. Turn to Fix My Slab for reliable foundation inspection service for your home in Greater Houston Metro Area and East Texas. A damaged foundation, if not caught early, can grow into a much more serious problem, requiring tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. The good news is that if a damaged foundation is detected early in the process, you will have a much better chance to repair it in an affordable way. If you suspect foundation issues in your home, take action right away by calling Fix My Slab for a free inspection and evaluation.

Signs of Foundation Damage

It is a worthwhile investment to have your home’s foundation inspected for damage. Thin cracks in the foundation may not necessarily indicate severe damage to a foundation, but should be checked out. Horizontal cracks and wide stair-step cracks in masonry are a larger concern, and can be evaluated by one of our highly experienced residential foundation inspection technicians.
There are several red flags that your foundation may be damaged, including: 
  • Buckling interior walls
  • Bulging exterior walls
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Cracks in floors, walls and ceilings
  • Foundation cracks
  • Foundation settling or sinking
  • Gaps between wall seams
  • Misaligned windows and doors
  • Sagging floors and ceilings
  • Sound of running water under the home
  • Warped floors and ceilings

What to Expect for a Home Foundation Inspection

A professional foundation inspection will provide early detection of problems with a foundation so repairs can be made to mitigate further damage. An expert foundation inspector from Fix My Slab will complete a thorough visual inspection and measure the levelness of floors. Cracks, gaps, warping and other damage, will be quantified and measured, documenting the damage for a complete analysis. Measurements of the length, width and depth of the damage, along with the pattern and location of floor, wall and ceiling cracks.

An electronic device is used to measure, record and map the floor elevations in the structure. Now you can gain confidence in knowing whether the structural integrity of your home is being compromised by foundation problems with a professional foundation inspection from Fix My Slab. One of our home foundation inspection and repair technicians will share in a report the findings and provide you with an evaluation of the foundation inspection. This will help guide you toward solutions to repair any issues that the home foundation inspection finds.

The Fix My Slab Advantage for Foundation Inspections

There’s no need to wait any longer to have a professional inspection completed on your foundation. Problems in your foundation can lead to an even weaker foundation if left untreated. Plus, foundation problems jeopardize the structural integrity of the entire structure it supports. Poor drainage, settling soil and other natural stresses commonly cause foundations to break, buckle, crack, settle and shift. If any foundation problems are detected early through a proper inspection, damage to the foundation and structure it supports can be mitigated. Call the leading foundation inspection and repair contractor for Metro Houston—Fix My Slab—for a free inspection and evaluation.

Fix My Slab | A Houston-Based Company for Inspecting Foundations

Fix My Slab serves the Greater Metropolitan Houston Area, including the surrounding communities of:
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Fix My Slab | A Houston-Based Company for Inspecting Foundations

While some foundation problems can be seen fairly easily, many are hidden and only detectable with a professional foundation inspection. Don’t take a chance with the foundation of your home. If you suspect your home has a foundation problem, call Fix My Slab for a free inspection and evaluation today.