Foundation problems can cause serious damage to the building it is designed to support. Hospitals and medical facilities with failing foundations can sustain damaged walls, ceilings, uneven floors, misaligned windows and doors and much more. These can become serious safety issues for the patients, employees and visitors of the hospital. And, the longer a building’s foundation repairs are left alone, the greater the chances that the property will face additional structural damage and liability risk. Property managers of hospitals and medical facilities can depend on the exceptional foundation repair services offered by Fix My Slab. We serve the Greater Houston Metro Area with commercial foundation repair services, specializing in stabilizing and restoring damaged foundations of medical facilities, including hospitals and clinics. We offer excellent restoration results, delivering a broad range of foundation repair solutions for medical facilities and hospitals built on concrete slab and on raised building foundations.

Warning Signs of Failing Foundations for Hospitals

For a manager of a hospital, clinic or medical facility the safety and security of patients, employees and visitors is paramount. Partner with Fix My Slab of Houston to restore the stability of the foundation of buildings in the property. Fix My Slab has the experience, skill, people and tools to fix any issue with failing foundations in a Houston hospital, clinic or medical facility. Call us now to initiate the process to restore the foundation of any medical building that has sustained damage to its foundation. During our site visit, our foundation repair experts will evaluate the foundation damage, prioritize repair needs and compile an estimate permanently solve the problems. Fix My Slab offers quotations for hospital projects throughout Houston and the surrounding East Texas area.

Comprehensive Hospital Foundation Repair

Fix My Slab offers several modern work approaches for foundation repair in location-specific and small areas of concern and in comprehensive foundation restoration of entire foundations of hospitals, clinics and medical facilities. The hospital foundation team members at Fix My Slab use state-of-the-art foundation repair products and tools and special techniques to fix the foundations of demanding jobs often associated with commercial buildings such as high-traffic hospitals and clinics. Our teams will work quickly and effectively to repair both concrete slab and elevated foundations. We can also level cracked and uneven concrete walkways, sidewalks and entryways, restoring them to their original appearance and function. If the hospital or medical facility you help manage needs building leveling, raising and elevation modifications, we can handle that as well. We also perform tunneling and drainage repair, and under slab plumbing repairs. After a site evaluation, we can discuss batching repairs to accomplish more restoration of the facility in less time.

Hospital Foundation Services in Metro Houston and West Texas

Fix My Slab provides expert foundation restoration services to commercial buildings of all kinds, including medical facilities, clinics and hospitals. We provide fast, efficient and exacting foundation repair services, taking into account the often demanding schedules of busy hospitals and medical facilities. We service foundations of commercial buildings all over the Greater Metropolitan Houston Area, including the communities of:

  • Conroe
  • Cypress
  • Greater Houston Metro
  • Houston
  • League City
  • Pasadena
  • Pearland
  • Sugar Land
  • Tomball
  • The Woodlands
  • Austin County
  • Brazoria County
  • Chambers County
  • Fort Bend County
  • Galveston County
  • Harris County
  • Liberty County
  • Montgomery County
  • Waller County

Connect with the Professionals in Repairing Hospital Foundations

The longer foundation failures are neglected, the worse damage they cause to the structure the foundation supports. If foundation problems are identified in a hospital or medical facility, it is vital to contact a professional foundation repair company that has the experience in handling commercial foundation repair projects. Let our expert team perform a full inspection and structural assessment of the condition of the building’s foundation. We will share with you a detailed evaluation and discuss best-practice options to fully restore the foundation. Our scope of work will include a timeline and accommodate your plans to occupy the structure. Our foundation repair experts are ready to meet with you to evaluate the plan of action. Call today to start the process of restoring the foundation of your medical facility or hospital to its original condition.