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Pier And Beam Foundation Repair Houston Company

On time. Fair-priced. Fixed. 

Fix My Slab offers local pier and beam repair estimates daily in the Houston and surrounding areas. Check out our team of management operations below.

Our team of local foundation professionals can help with your pier and beam Houston repairs!

Eric Ewing plays an essential role in our pier and beam foundation repair Houston and East Texas operations development at Fix My Slab. With over twenty years of foundation repair & related industry experience, Eric brings a great value to our daily business operations.

Your Pier And Beam Foundation Repair Houston And East Texas

Ty and Rebecca are just normal hard working folks, just like you. When asked: How can I make what I do interesting? How will the customer remember Fix My Slab instead of the other guy? Rebecca Stricklin’s reply was:

“We are all trying to make our mark by differentiating ourselves. At Fix My Slab, we know that foundation repair may not be everyone’s idea of the most riveting job in the world. But, guess what? It’s the most riveting job for Ty Stricklin. He has a passion for foundation repair and leveling. He actually gets a thrill from seeing brick cracks disappear. As his wife, it makes me happy to see that he has found his calling.
Having a passion for what you do may not guaranty success. However, not having a passion will guaranty that you won’t reach your potential.
We hear people call others lucky for finding careers they truly enjoy. It may be luck that helps us discover that “thing” for which we are called. But, it’s commitment, drive, curiousity, and inspiration that keep us trying for excellence.”

Fix My Slab Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

If you need pier and beam foundation repair Houston or East Texas area, give the Stricklin’s a call at Fix My Slab.


At Fix My Slab Customer service is a priority to us. That’s the reasons customer referrals are responsible for a large portion of our business.

Someone once asked me what’s important for my customers to know. The answer was easy. I said, “I want them to know I’ll show up on time.

Dear Homeowner,

I’d like to thank you for considering Fix My Slab for your homes repairs.

For most of us, our home is our largest investment. That’s how I and every member of my team will treat yours.

In 1999, when I began my career in foundation repair, I started literally “from the ground up.” After working in production, sales and management with a nationwide industry leader, I decided to chase my dream of providing high-quality foundation repair at an affordable price by forming my own company.

 The first question: What do I name the company? I wanted it to clearly reflect my goals for the business – no gimmicks, no complicated talk, just fixing foundations. With that in mind, I launched Fix My Slab in 2008, based in Cypress, Texas. The company quickly grew to serve all of Greater Houston and East Texas.

Our customers have embraced Fix My Slab’s no-nonsense, customer-first approach. We work to keep our small-business

that I’ll show up on time. I’ll charge a fair price. Then, I will fix it. That’s it.” That’s how our company motto of, “on time, fair priced and fixed” was born.

Thank you for your time and consideration in using our company for our repairs, and I look forward to answering any questions you may have.