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How do I know is my home needs to be leveled?

Great question!

Many homeowners have uncertainty about the common concerns with leveling a home. A wide variety of regular occurrences can also attribute to this problem:

Older Termite Problems

Have you or a previous owner to your home ever experienced issues with termites? A relatively large termite problem may have caused your beams to shift within the foundation of your home. Resulting in the need for house leveling.

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Structural Shifting

Structural shifts are a common problem when experiencing these problems with your home. When the physical structure of your home begins to shift, your home may also shift as well.

House Leveling Houston Services

Before or After a plumbing issue

House leveling is very commonly needed before or after a large plumbing project on your home. Projects such as repiping your home are very detailed jobs that can cause foundations or structures to slightly shift.

Shifting Soil

With the demanding Climate changes in Texas, unfortunatley soil shifts are readily abundant. Also, older homes experience foundation problems and house leveling needs quickly when the home falls short of attention. Shifting soils can be caused by a number of factors: large trees that are not receiving natural water flow, Texas droughts, damaged gutters and more.

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